Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Lately I have been having HUGE hankerings for Indian's some of my favorite food when it comes down to it. 
I have been honestly dreaming of Chana Masala lately...I of course do love the Chicken Tikka and whatnot but since I don't eat meat...well, that sorta puts a damper on some of the options! Or so I thought...Whenever I tried vegetarian options in any restaurant, really, I was always quite disappointed - but with Indian food that's a whole other ball game. 
It doesn't matter whether or not there is meat in these's still so freakin' delicious...veg pakora, jalfreezi, and my favorite...chana masala!But sometimes it's so expensive when you go to these places...and for what reason when you have all the ingredients at home that you could work with! 
Therefore, I am sharing a recipe that I am going to be trying out tonight...and I hope to God it's as good as the restaurant that I go to...because if it is...? Then I am eating this every night of the week!!!
Instead of doing the entire recipe from scratch I fell in love with Patak's sauces after using them doing some of Jaime Oliver's recipes (he highly recommends them) and they are damn good! So I got this recipe from their website. :)


Thursday, March 9, 2017


Happy International Women's Day!!!

Unfortunately I am not wearing my red today (BOO!) but I hope you are!! 
I decided instead to share a blog post today that I thought would fit perfectly in with today and only because it involves women and usually only women. It's about Postpartum Depression - and the reason why this topic of conversation inspired me to write up a little blog post is because recently on the news I had seen that Chrissy Teigen - yes, bubbly, cheerful, no-nonsense-Chrissy Teigen - suffers from PPD

I know what some people may be thinking when they hear or read that can someone that seems to have it all suffer from something like depression? And I think that's why we still have this stigma surrounding mental illness and I admire that Chrissy has used her platform to inspire others to do the same and that is to share and open up about their own struggles. 

Mental illness doesn't discriminate. 
This is a statement that we all need to embrace and come to terms with. 
And not only does it directly affect the person that is dealing with the illness but it's also affecting all those around him or her. 

Monday, March 6, 2017


I am currently trying to get back into my groove-thang regarding kicking major ass at the gym because I very preciptiously stopped all that I was doing to spend every waking minute with family during the holidays and eating whatever the hell I wanted since I had been on such a SUPER.STRICT.DIET. 
And then...well, Christmas and the holidays were over and it was all of a sudden nearing the end of January...going into February and I was STILL doing nothing except gorging on Haagan Daaz, Lays potato chips, pasta and pizza. 
This is what happens when you restrict yourself to the nth degree when it comes to food and calories and workout twice a day.

It's excruciatingly important for any individual that is embarking on a health & fitness journey to be there...actually *there* mentally every step of the way. If your head is not even in the game, then forget it. 
I think it's super important for you to be mindful of everything that you are doing and why you're doing it. Why are you losing weight or getting fit or building muscle? What's the purpose? Is it for you? For me? For your husband or parents? (The answer to that one is that it should be for you). 
Are you trying to get healthier? Fitter? Sexier? 
Do you want to feel better? Have more confidence? Clap back at dem haters?
Can you see yourself getting there? Can you visiually place yourself at the finish line looking the way and feeling the way that you want to look and feel? 
The finished product...that end line - should be clear as day to you.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Growing up I was exposed to amazing food. 
Amazing Eastern European food. 
Now, that type of cuisine isn't exactly the healthiest, but for whatever reason the Poles still don't get uber fat like the American counterparts of today's day and age.
I remember eating delicious sandwiches with smoked meat, butter and tomatoes...or how my Sister and I would have four meals a day - the last meal right before bed which was usually warm cereal or cucumber sandwiches.
I would also dig into bigos or barszcz or any of my Father's concoctions that he was able to throw together (nothing beats sitting down at the table to a piping hot pan filled with sauteed/stewed tomatoes and fried cold cuts...oh man my stomach is rumbling). 


It's been a loooong time. Not only on this blog but on my other one as well. I haven't been writing too much which is unfortunate, because I really loved posting. So no promises this time, I'll post when I can...but I'm torn between the two blogs. Then again it's a new year and maybe I need a new start in my reentry to the blogging world.
To be quite honest with you I just haven't been feeling too inspired in general so it is a little difficult for me to get into writing when I simply am not interested in it.
That is a lie though to some degree because I always think of writing.
And once the bug bites then I can't seem to stop but for whatever reason the creativity and inspiration slowly drains out of me when I start blogging...I think I might be putting too much pressure on myself to write interesting things when this is MY little online world.
So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am done with the excuses...done with the promises. I'm just going to do my own thing. And if you want to read...than read...if not? Then don't. Lol. is what it is.

So...this is my little update blurb...and I think I might post a little recipe or two...coming right up! Or maybe not. LOL.


Thursday, August 13, 2015


Over my mini Summer vacay I tried a couple different recipes out. Nothing crazy...but a smoked salmon pasta with capers was one {and it was pretty tasty, but not my favorite}, southwest fish burgers {YUM!} and then something else....something that I despised growing Mom can attest to that.
Tomato Soup.
Well, no...not yech. I guess I grew up and so did my tastebuds. Because I made a tomato soup from scratch and it was DAMN delicious! Seriously! Trav and I ate that up like no tomorrow and I also made little mini grilled cheese baguettes with it! I think what topped the whole thing off was we ate while there was a storm raging was probably the best day/night of my vacation. :)
So...I must share the recipe with you! 
I don't usually follow recipes to a T, and I always had some things and omit them, you can do whatever your little heart desires! You rule in your kitchen! 
This post is dedicated to my BFF; Keverino! He recently just bought a basket of field tomatoes, and those tomatoes would go mighty good in this soup. :) 
I found this recipe on Pinterest...from the Season with Spice blog.
I must admit - the basil and bell pepper really add pep to this soup. 

Bon Appetit!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Why must I also procrastinate!? Or set all these million and one goals and never truly fulfill one until the end? It's frustrating to say the least and need to get it together...especially since less then a year from now I will be *shudder* 30!! Wow...30...that's really old. Well, in my books. :P I remember growing up and I thought 30 was *ewwww* old. 
So where was I since the 17th you may ask...well, dealing with a lot of CRAP to be quite honest...mostly with myself and my anxiety which I will not get into, but I'm back and determined more then ever. 
My boyfriend and I also had a nice little vacation which was spent at home, I only had 1 week vacation so it went by pretty quickly - was jealous that he got 2 weeks but he's back to the grind now and it was definitely hard for the two of us to get back to our routine of waking up super early and getting our butts into work. Lol.

So you may be wondering where I am at with my goals that I posted about on the 17th?? NOWHERE.
Man oh man...I often wonder if I should just stop blogging, because it isn't holding me accountable and I am not sharing anything really worth reading. Also, a lot of people are still following my old they're probably losing interest since I haven't posted on that one in...foreverrrr.
I do have an excuse though, as to why I've been MIA for the past month and that's because I've not been feeling 100% and have been in and out of doctor's offices and doing tests and it's led me...nowhere, as well.
So whatever, it's time to take the bull by the horns now and get with the program. The only person holding me back is myself.

Weighed in this morning at 158.6lbs. My goal by this time next week is 155lbs. Baby steps. Also writing everything down that I eat.

It's Monday - a new start...even though I technically started last week with my whole "healthy lifestyle" plan. Why is it so hard to get back on the wagon sometimes. I know that I sit here and go "man, 2015 isn't what I thought it would be"...and that's because I allowed it to go down the shitty path. I can turn it around if I really wanted to, and I really want to!
So let's do this.