Wednesday, June 21, 2017


So it's been a few weeks since I last ate pasta and I am dyyyyying for some. Seriously. 
I haven't been thinking THAT often about it but for whatever reason last night I just imagined sitting down to a huge bowl of piping hot pasta with ooey gooey cheese and I nearly passed out from the craving. LOL! With that being said, and as much as I would LOVE to have some, I'm not sure if I am ready for my pasta cheat meal just yet. But then again, you never know. I used to be so good with cheat meals...just once a week...but lately if I have one? Then I just go on a free-for-all. Not good for the waistline, naturally.
With that being said, I need something semi-healthy but decadant to tie me over...and I still haven't tried those damn protein pancakes. STILL!!! 
But I did, however, make a conscious first step and that was to go out and buy some maple syrup (low sugar kind, naturally). least I am on my way! 
Anyways, enough blabbing on my part. I am going to share a delicious recipe with you all because I haven't done that in a LONG time, and not much on this blog at all.
I am obsessed with the blog "Pinch of Yum".  
Girl has so many mouth-watering recipes on this site that I can't even handle it! 
Make sure you go over there and sign up for the e-newsletter - where you get a little free ebook of her top 25 recipes. 

Like...look at all that mouth-wateringness in one snapshot. Ugh! SO YUMMY!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Remember my post from...well...a few posts ago? Where I said...PREPARATION IS KEY! 
Well...I haven't been prepared at all. 
Okay - well, I have been prepared...but not 100% entirely for myself I've been focusing a lot of the meal prepping for Travis and for myself? Well, I hope for the best.
I must confess though - I haven't lost a,t he last 2 weeks I've been eating SO well and definitely under my calories and exercising my butt off and this morning I stepped on the scale and gained 3 pounds, what gives?? It's really infuriating, not going to lie. 
I think part of the problem is that I'm not eating enough? I'm not sure. I wish that I really tracked my weight lost in the past so that I would know what it was that I was doing that I looked so great then...then again when I'm looking at past photos' I also see ones like this one: 

Monday, June 19, 2017


This post was from a week or so ago - I keep doing this....writing up a post and not hitting PUBLISH!!! 
Anyways - something to read for now...and onto the next one. ;) 


I am half asleep with yet another headache...been dealing with these headaches for quite a while now (or migraines) and it's driving me BONKERS! My neuro suggested Botox....BOTOX!!! Has anyone tried that for migraines before? Botox hasn't been around for THAT long...what if 30 years down the road something really messes me up for dabbling in such things? 
Then again, this is coming from someone who is considering a boob job. 
I digress...
There are a few books that I have recently finished reading - one of the biggies that I really enjoyed is my first Gabrielle Bernstein book "The Universe Has Your Back". I mean, I've read a book by her before but I honestly couldn't tell you what it was about - I obviously wasn't that interested but THIS time...I was more open to what I was reading and it REALLY sunk in! I totally enjoyed reading it and am actually going to re-read it...and jot down notes so that I don't forget and am able to put a lot of what it was that I read into practice in the next few weeks. 
I definitely want to start getting more involved in my own...journey towards consciousness. Does that make sense? 
I definitely want to be more spiritual in life and have a more healthier and positive outlook on life. 
So, overall I would rate that book a 4 out of 5. Definitely a great self-help one for anyone that is looking. 
What else, I decided this is going to be a random rambling type post of things that I did over the weekend, picture updates and just other random things. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


I keep telling myself that I am going to try my hand at protein pancakes and do I ever do it? Nah. 
I say "Nah" with a super annoyed look on my face...because I'm annoyed at the fact that I can't make something so RIDICULOUSLY easy and simple and so low calorie too!
Anyways, I digress...
I've gotten back on the healthy eating kick again {even though my body is SCREEEEEAMING for chocolate right now; it is that time of the month} and I've decided that this time I am going to try more deliciously healthy recipes to help me stay on track. 
I've just come to the realization that 
Don't ask me why I JUST got this because I do not know. I mean, I've heard it a million times in the past but it never fully SUNK IN.
It really IS the key! I mean, if you're not prepared than you're basically f**ked. It's so much easier to eat healthy, hit the gym....pretty much do anything in life once you are prepared with all your tools and tricks of the trade. 
So...back to meal prepping I go...back to figuring out my workout split and writing down what exercises I am going to do. Back to pushing myself to be the best I can be. 
Because lately I've been feeling like such shit...and I've gained that maybe this lil blog will hold me accountable.
But anyways - I found a couple of pancake recipes of some great sites: 
Willow Bird Baking 
that I am going to share with you guys! And I am definitely going to try these recipes out because I have such a hankering for something light and fluffy and a little sweet since I can't sink my face into a tub of ice cream anymore. :( Ugh. 

Monday, May 29, 2017


I am feeling completely and utterly discouraged...
For some reason I stepped on that {dreaded} scale this morning and the number 145.5 stared back up at me. What. In. The. Actual. Fuck?!
How do I go from 125 to 145 in 2-3 months? 
I mean, it's sort of a rhetorical question...but Jesus. I feel like a bag of shit. Just overall I am not in my general groove of things the last little while and I am just very disinterested in everything and everyone. 
I am going to take a few days off from the gym {even though that's going to be hella hard because it's all I think about sometimes} and just do some R&R. So today, instead of killing myself in bootcamp, I'll go home and walk my a HEALTHY lunch...and stop eating like shit overall. I will take the time to study and work on school and everything else as well as get a plan together for the coming months. I need to get in shape for Summer! Just so disappointed in myself that beach season is so close and yet, here I am...thrown all that hard work away...for what?? 
Those few moments of {utterly pure} bliss from all the junk I ate? Let's face it...I felt like shit 95% of the time after I inhaled whatever it was that was my junk of choice at the time and then some even though I CLEARLY did not want to eat it...
Which segues into my post for the day...

Sunday, April 30, 2017


I've been trying to submit a post that I've been tweaking on and off the past month. Lol. I begin...then never finish, then return to it and tweak, never post...then return to get the picture. 
Anyways, scratch that entire post. DELETE. 
Let's start fresh. 
Spring has finally sprung in Ontario and it's been beautiful here...albeit we have had some cold days. Today is a perfect example although a perfect day to stay under the covers with my man and puppies and cuddle-bug as it's rainy and dark. It feels like Autumn. That's how cool it is. 
The last few weeks have been crazy busy which I won't complain about and it's mostly work. Actually it's all work, it has taken over my life. The promotion that I recently got (although not really a promotion if that even makes any sense) is something that interests me a great deal - work-wise and I am enjoying working with who I'm working with at the other location. So overall, I cannot complain! 

I am gaining weight, I must admit. I've been a bit stressed out and all over the map that my eating hasn't been the greatest at all. I am up to 139lbs (as of today) and I need to get back down! I do understand though that muscle weighs more than fat and measurements are probably the way to go to gauge my progress. So I'll be sure to update you on that once I get around to it (most likely sometime today). 
Lots to do today on this rainy Sunday - mostly chores and meal prep (as usual)...I hope everyone else is having a wonderful weekend so far! I can't believe that May is literally around the corner...wait, is it tomorrow? It is! 
And I then will be 22 days away from my 31st birthday! YIKES. 
That's really scary for me to say...seriously. take focus away from all the serious crap...books always relax me...and we haven't done a book list for a long let's see what's out there that is new and exciting! :)

.Book Worm.

Thursday, March 30, 2017


Last week was c.r.a.z.y.

Meaning it was super duper busy...I was going to lose my therefore, and naturally, I was absolutely beat by the weekend. I literally did nothing...well, that's untrue, I cleaned and did all the adulting that I needed to do but I also bailed on the gym both days and ate so much junk it wasn't even funny...definitely gained a few which I am not super proud of...which leads me to today's post...which many people struggle with and I am most certainly one of 
them and that is bingeing.
Now you can binge on pretty much anything these days...whether it be binge-watching your favorite shows, binge-drinking, binge-eating...binge-anything! But the most common form would of course be gorging yourself on food. 
I will admit that there have been times where I will plan a cheat meal and oftentimes it can turn to cheat "days"...which I know doesn't help my progress at the gym whatsoever...not only that, it's mindless.